Impulse the European Industry towards smart manufacturing systems

The Digital and Intelligent Industry Lab is part of the Research Center for Systems and Technologies (SYSTEC), Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP).

The Digital and Intelligent Industry Lab develops R&D activities:

  • Cyber-Physical Production Systems and Industrial Internet of Things
  • Distributed and Reconfigurable Control Systems
  • Industrial Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced / Collaborative Robotics

The Digital and Intelligent Industry Lab mission is the scientific and technical research, development, advanced education and training, dissemination and sustainable technology transfer.

Research Projects


RECLAIM will create a novel Decision Support Framework to assess the health status of machinery and propose methods, tools, or services for the appropriate lifetime extension strategy. RECLAIM solutions aim to extend machinery lifetime while also improving productivity and performance. The project will focus on harnessing digital analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and circular economy strategies to improve predictive maintenance and upgrade legacy machines responsibly and effectively.


DEZMPP project aims to investigate and develop an advanced production platform which is modular, flexible and versatile focusing on the assembly and testing of a vast spectrum of components, contemplating a new manufacturing paradigm towards digital transformation of processes and factories of the future. The proposed solution is guided to the integrated management and monitoring, taking advantage on techniques and advanced algorithms for data analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Industrial Digitalization.

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The objective of the project INDTECH 4.0 is the development of innovative technologies in the context of Industry 4.0/Factories of the Future (FoF), in order to promote the efficiency and flexibility of productive processes.

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The project foresees the development of innovative production technologies, in response to the manufacturing industry's urgency of proceeding with the digital and green transition that will enable its sustainability, competitiveness and resiliency. As such, it will support production technologies companies to assume a key position in a evermore important global niche: innovative production technology solutions that enable industrial circularity and sustainability.

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The umbrella PRODUTECH SIF incorporates a research and innovation agenda, for production technologies, cyber-physical systems and industry transformation. It embodies the combined efforts from actors of the industrial fabric and research and innovation system, gathering a critical mass for the effective development and deployment of advanced knowledge and technologies, which will be transferred and assimilated by industrial companies, and deployed in innovative products and services (production technologies), embedding advanced solutions.

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Warehouse of the Future

Warehouse of the Future is an R&D project focusing on the development of new technological approaches, fostering the synergies between the scientific areas of artificial vision and collaborative robotics with 5G technology, as a way to allow the execution and replication of auto guided moving solutions, such as pick and place of components in the shop-floor / warehouse.

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The “Cibertoque” project aims to research and develop a modular and intelligent solution that allows for the automation of nowadays robotic systems often used in the automotive industry as way of performing and executing the task still dependent on the human “touch” and “feel”. Thus, the proposed solution is based on the premise of creating a virtual entity that will allow the replicate such “touch” and “feel” once it is connected to a robotic system, such as a robotic arm or a similar system.

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Next Generation Quality Control IoRT System

This project envisages the development of a new IIoT / IoRT (Industrial Internet of Things/Internet of Robotic Things) flexible ecosystem applicable to the visual inspection and quality control of complex production lines in the automotive industry, together with the monitoring of energy and environmental conditions for the treatment of gases and wasterwater. There will be investigated and developed collaborative robotic systems (with the integration of robotic arms and controllers), along with the artificial vision system, all integrated in the IIoT / IoRT ecosystem.

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SMARTCUT is R&D project for the development of a remote maintenance, diagnostic and simulation solution, based in the Digital Twin concept, for smart forestry machines. The Digital Twin technology will feed the simulation with real operation data, to create realistic training conditions for future operators. In the real machine, the Digital Twin will allow for continuous updates, generation of KPI's, diagnostic assistance and predictive maintenance.

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Continental Factories of the Future

The “Continental FoF” R&D Project aims to contribute to the advanced of the industry and the technical-scientific community (at national and international level) and enable the total detachment of the factory-floor and the creation of a new advanced and intelligent manufacturing process, in terms of (i) flexibility, modularity and capability of mass customization, (ii) highly efficient digital connectivity throughout the all the facilities’ environment, (iii) dynamic data performance in real-time collection, reading, treatment and interpretation of data, (iv) autonomous and intelligent decision making process, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, (v) Human-Machine symbiosis, (vi) Human-Factory symbiosis and (vii) equally dynamic and interactive logistic processes that assures a full and efficient quality control process at all times.

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FERROVIA 4.0 intends to develop different components, tools and systems to be tested in operational infrastructures, which are driven by economic and ecological sustainability of Portuguese railway system towards cost reduction of operational and maintenance actions. DIGI2 is responsible for the development of a augmented reality system for maintenance operations, as well as several IoT related activities.

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Artur Freitas


Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Zero-shot Learning, Transfer Learning

Bruno Santos


Research Areas: Collaborative Robotics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Diogo Rocha


Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Production Systems, Digitalization

Eliseu Pereira


Research Areas: Cyber-Physical Systems, Machine Learning, Data Analytics

Gil Gonçalves


Research Areas: Cyber-Physical Systems, Distributed Control Systems, Systems of Systems.

Joana Miranda


Research Areas: Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Education 4.0

João Pimentel


Research Areas: Cyber-Physical Systems, Zero Defect Manufacturing, Machine Learning

João Pinheiro


Research Areas: Embedded and Distributed Systems, Sensor and Automation Systems, Real-time systems

Leonor Cónego


Research Areas: Gamification, Meaningful Learning Environments, Education 4.0

Lucas Rocha


Research Areas: Digital Twins, Extended Reality, Human-Computer Interaction

Luís Neto


Research Areas: Embedded and Distributed Systems, Reconfigurable Systems, Real-time systems

Luís Portela


Research Areas: Collaborative Robotics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Melissa Guimaraes


Research Areas: Digital Storytelling and Interactive Narratives

Pedro Barros


Research Areas: Research areas: Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0, Human-Computer Interaction

Pedro Ferreira


Research Areas: Mobile Robotics and Manipulation, Computer Vision, Real-time Comunications

Ricardo Silva


Research Areas: Distributed Control Systems, Digitalization, Sensor Network

Rui Pinto


Research Areas: Artificial Immune Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Edge Computing

Vítor Pinto


Research Areas: Cyber-Physical Systems, Mobile Robotics and Manipulation, Embedded Systems


Throughout the years a large networks of professional and research partnership has been made which mirrors all the excellence progress and achievements of DIGI2